At Olivia Hooper we will look after you personally through every step of your bridal dress journey, from your initial consultation, styling, fittings and up to the day of the wedding.  Below we have listed an outline of what to expect, however if you are looking for information on VIP appointments, they won’t be found here, all our brides are treated with our same expert care and attention, regardless of paid appointments or budget. 


A great time to start this process is 9 months to 1 year before your wedding day, for two main reasons; firstly as our gowns are made for you personally they take several months to arrive once ordered and secondly its much easier to picture your day at a time of year that is seasonal to that of the big day.    

Let’s find your wedding dress. 
When planning your appointment its tempting to try to share the moment with lots of people, if possible try to avoid this, and bring only 2/3 guests. This gives you more time to focus on your opinions and us time to get to know you. 
Book in advance, all our appointments have exclusive use of the studio, so whilst we would love to meet and help you we couldn’t guarantee it withough pre-booking.  
Plan to be with us for up to 2 hours, we like time to talk to you, to find out about your day, then work through the dresses allowing you to spend time in them. A process that is essential if you are going to work out what feels and looks amazing. 
Skin coloured smooth undies are a must if possible, we have shoes, but if you have a preferred heel height, feel free to bring a special pair along. 
Come with ideas but also an open mind, you may find that the gown that is perfect for you isn’t the one you first thought of. 
We will be honest with you, working through ideas and styles, and whilst we wont tell you what to wear, we will offer our expert advice. 

Lastly on hand, as required are refreshments, accessories, and tissues 

ACCESSORIES APPOINTMENT: you have a prefect dress, what now? 

Once you have found your perfect dress, its time to think about your accessories. If not selected on initial order, making an accessory appointment allows time to style hair pieces or veils with your gown.  Once your dress arrives... 

Fittings: After your dress has been beautifully made for you and has arrived with us its time to think about fitting it to you. 

Fittings take place 8-10 weeks before your wedding day and after the initial first fitting we may need to see you 2/3 additional times. This is a very busy timefor you so please remember to allow time in the run up to the wedding for these appointments. 
Feel free to bring those special to you along, but again, not too many, to create a calm relaxing environment for you. 
Bring specific undies, especially if your gown is fitted. 
The Shoes are a must, not a similar pair, if the pitch or the heel varies slightly your hem will not be right, so please bring them along to. 
Before the final fit, think about who will dress you on the day, and bring them with you, we can guide them through putting you in you dress and showing them any wrist or bustle loops and ribbon 

After your final fit, there is only two things left, to collect your dress and get married. A day or two before your wedding, your gown will be steamed, prepped and carefully tissued in your collection bag. Or if heading abroad, carefully packed into an inflight box. Try to park as close as possible, and remember to think about where it will be placed. 


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