In a world where we live our lives on public forums such as Instagram or Facebook, who should you bring with you when choosing your wedding Dress? Should it be a shared or treasured with a very select few........ 
Picture the scene, you have gathered your groupies, you are all out shopping there has been a lovely lunch, may be a glass of Fizz, you might not be one to seek the lime light, but this is your moment, everyone wants to help you, everyone wants to be involved, you feel so special. 
You try on a few dresses, some are lovely, some make you and them laugh, this is fun.... but then you try on one you love, you feel something change, you look in the mirror and you love it, it feels amazing, making you smile both inside and out, that feeling that you have heard about is with you, you cant wait to show them, you walk out and: 
"I preferred the other one..... " 
"Well my wedding dress.........." 
"I would have"........ 
"it's nice......" (nice????........ that's a no then!)  
Whatever the comment from the friend/relative who has too much to say, and trust me in a group their is ALWAYS one: be it the friend who has been married and can not see past her own wedding dress, or the unmarried one desperate to be in your shoes, or simply the one that feels they have the right to tell you what to wear: there is very often an agenda, and everyone has their own view point.  
Simply: Lots of people means lots of opinions.  
I understand that brides often feel they will cause offence if they don't invite certain friends or family members when they go wedding dress shopping, but honestly if this is the case then they should not be invited anyway.  
Would you let them select the name of your child?  
Go house hunting en-mass? 
Accompany you and your intended to pick wedding venues, flowers, choose your honeymoon destination? 
Sound Crazy? YES IT IS!!  
However, there is some thing about wedding dress shopping that makes a bride feel as though its a shared experience, that that despite being able to make decisions about other important life decisions this should be a group one. This is not the case. 
Try to choose one or two people that let you think, to be honest in some the best appointments I've done, family/friends don't say a word, staying poker faced and WAIT for the bride to speak, considering her thoughts and feeling first. This is tough for the bride, no cop out here, but its completely in her best interests.  
The next type of person that always makes for a successful appointment is those that know the bride, really really well, they make comments on who they are, not a work or a social persona but someone that knows every side of you. not just one aspect. This is so important as your wedding dress needs to be you, (I know, I've said this before, but its so important!!!) not someone else view of you or worse a dress for them!  
All boutiques recommend limiting numbers why? because we have done this many many times before, we have seen the good and sadly the bad, for reasons I have listed above.  
Have faith in your own judgment, after all you are a strong intelligent woman, let your instincts guide you.  
Pick a dress that makes you feel and look amazing, in an appointment whilst I am looking at shapes and silhouettes most of all I'm looking for a face change, the moment when a brides face lights up.  
Have your moment, make them wait, choose your guests carefully and pick a dress that you love, after all if they only see that one, they will love it, there is no other opinion to have!  
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