As a bride, when you start to think about selecting a wedding dress, the options are often numerous, obviously there is the experience of your family and friends to consider, but you will also want your own options so then how do you go about selecting? What boutique, what designer? So many questions, and the answer is … 
In a specialised market, don’t do the “local shop” what works for a last minute dinner, is not good enough for your bridal gown! Do your research, buy from a stockist who knows their market and ask questions…..(Please ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!) 
In the world of email we often book appointments without establishing any contact, ask for a call back, engage with the person you will trust to help you, let them get to know you. 
In your appointment, remember be yourself, share information, a dress should be a reflection of you, not someone else’s vision, a “fancy dress” bride, just you, wonderfully marvellously you! 
We do our best for every bride we see, we ask you questions, we want to try to understand who you are, what type of day you are having, what overall vibe you are going for and if that means we say, we haven’t got your gown but visit this designer or shop, then we will do it! For us being the top of our game means we know we can’t have everyone’s dress! But I can guarantee we will try! 
If you visit a shop and are told everything looks nice, be suspicious, for most that’s rubbish, only a few chosen few look good in all shapes and styles (and trust me I have seen a few but can count them on my hands!) For most that are told this it’s insincere and nonsense. Similarly if the consultant takes over tells you what to wear, doesn’t let you look though the dresses then think, then that is wrong too. Most strong intelligent women don’t need to be told who they are, or worse not touch, you are not a small child. Many boutiques think that this is a way to command respect, and demonstrate they know best, but is easy to be a bossy boots and much harder to try and work out who someone is and what’s best for them. 
When you find the perfect gown, DONT be handed a card, don’t have your alterations outsourced, ask who is doing the work? A dream dress that is fitted incorrectly quickly becomes a nightmare. 
I’ve seen too much shoulder yanking, incorrect bust placement, and gaping bust lines to last me a life time! (It goes without saying they where NOT on my watch, but often done by boutiques that should know better). 
All that said, when trying on, buying and fitting, remember above all the most important thing is… 
Be you, 
Be a REAL bride, 
Walk in and have your “OH” moment. Xx 
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