In an over-saturated market place for Bridal, where is the best place to go, and more importantly who should you trust to supply you with the most important dress of your life?................ 
Where should you buy your wedding dress? What Boutique? What designers should you look at? Should you buy on recommendations of friends or family, or go somewhere completely different, so no-one knows your gown? There are so many options, so what are the answers? ........ 
In a specialized market, don't do a "local shop", what works for a last minute dinner is not good enough for your bridal gown!  
Do your research, brides are great at pintrest looking at the features of their gown, but they often do not give the same consideration to the person they are entrusting to source, and fit their gown. Buy from a stockist who knows their market and ask questions,,,, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS! 
In the world of email we often book appointments without establishing any contact, if time allows call them, engage with the person you will later trust to help you, let them get to know you.  
In your appointment, remember be yourself, share information and important details your wedding dress should be a reflection of you, not someones else's vision or a fancy dress bride, just wonderfully, marvellously You! 
We do our best for every bride we see, we ask you questions we want to try to understand who you are and if that means at the end of the appointment we say we haven't got your dress but visit this designer or shop, then we will. For us being at the top of our game means we know we cant have everyone's dress, but I can guarantee we will try.  
If you visit a shop who's assistant smiles blandly at you and then utters the customary but slightly dull, "oh that looks lovely" be suspicious, for most that's rubbish only a select few look good in all shapes, styles and cut and believe me they are so few I can count them on my hands! For the majority this is insincere and nonsense. you need someone to work with you, explaining what works with you, what neckline flatters your shoulders or bust-line, where the waist point should sit etc etc, so that all your best features are highlighted.  
If the consultant takes the other very familiar if not slightly outdated stance, of taking over, not letting you select dresses, picking things out for you and telling you what to wear, before (and this is the bit that makes my blood boil the most) talking you through the chorographed pitch and handing you an order pad to sign before you have even had time to get your own clothes back on, then know that this is wrong too. Your wedding dress is a collaboration between you and your chosen supplier, and in my experience strong intelligent woman don't need to be told what to wear and who they are!  
Lastly when you are lucky enough to have found your perfect dress don't be moved on, handed a number of cards to local dressmakers, having your alterations outsourced, work with somebody that will take responsibility for your gown from start to collection, a dream dress fitted badly, quickly becomes a nightmare or worse makes an expensive dress look cheap. I personally have seen enough shoulder yanking, incorrect bust placement and gaping bust lines to last me a life time. Needless to say they where NOT on my watch.  
Your wedding dress experience should be one to treasure from start to finish and as I have said many many times it is an honour to be part of such a special process.  
So when all is said and done remember the most important thing is work with people who let you be you, be a Real Bride (then walk in an have your OH moment)  
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