Shop designer sample versus off the peg dresses: 
So, what happens when you want to buy a beautiful wedding dress yet due to time or budget constraints you don’t have thousands to spend or the time to order one in? 
Don’t panic there are several options available to you, but should you be buying from an off the peg retailer or a designer shop sample from a boutique? Here I aim to put the case for a shop sample, as whilst off the peg offers you a very reasonably priced imported gown, a designer sample (especially the ones we have) offer the opportunity to purchase a couture gown, beautifully made (ours mostly in the UK) by a real designer not just a manufactured “name”. 
This allows each bride, regardless of budget/time to have a truly amazing gown rather than a compromise. 
Many brides worry that shop sample have been tried on, but this is the same for off the peg, and even worse are often man-handed by others less considerate to the next person in it. Most, as I cannot speak for all, designer shop samples are treated with care, handed gently to avoid damage. 
Whilst we don’t have all samples in all sizes, this goes to show that designer samples are not mass-produced items, that are being tried on and brought by lots of others as you do, in often crowed shops with a maximum number to try on before having to queue up again. We believe that buying a bridal gown should be more Armani less Primani…………………..An experience to treasure, providing you with a beautiful designer wedding gown to accommodate all budgets, and the icing on the cake, you don’t have to carry your gown away, it can be perfectly fitted to you, steamed and fully prepped for your wedding day. 
Designer shops always have samples on offer, the nature of the industry requires constant reinvestment in our labels so there is always the need to free up space on our rails, so never be afraid to call and ask. 
We have ours listed on a well-known website for such items, but I will list few below as a representation of what we have on offer, but as already said, we have more available, so call or email for more details, images letting us know your ideal gown, sizes and importantly budget and we will do our very best to help. 
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