How does Olivia Hooper Stock the Studio? the main buying season was upon us last weekend and it was full of fun, fashion, fabrics and lets be honest Fizz.... 
The main designer bridal buying season was upon us last weekend, and what a weekend it was, it was full of Fun, fashion and fabrics and lets be honest Fizz.  
As with all good events invites are sent by royal mail to the launch of the 2019 collection, not email, providing a delicious, tangible reminder of the coming spectacle. Appointments are made and exsisting collections reviewed for what may be missing or hoped for.  
Each designer, well the ones we work with, spends hours drawing, creating, cuting, sewing and shaping their creations for us to see and ultimately for each and every bride to wear. They understand that their craft is the most important gown in a womans life, ensuring their individuality can be honoured and catered for, balancing stepping forward with trends and respecting timeless traditional . 
The forum is a vast event, the huge vacant exhibition spaces carved into minature white showroom, with rails for the gowns to hang and seats to sit on. The gowns are modelled beautifully, slender beautiful specimins of femininity, giving us the full perspective of how they will look on the form, albet it, a perfectly formed one.  
The Catwalk shows are an extravaganza of lights, music, fully charged energy and provide the ultimate showcase for the designers talents. Camera are poised, phones are held aloft, pubils dilated in the confusion and glare of the spotlights. Huge applause follows the finale in appreciation of what is seen and the delight of what is on offer.  
Is it tricky selecting the gowns to hang in our studio? Yes, absolutely, we have to get it bang on or will will fall sort of what we need to do. A blend of head, heart, budget and flying by the seat of our pants.... an exciting decision making proccess. On our part 2019 is going to be a year of purity, extavagance, fluidity, form, both blatant and bewitching, much as other years but new and evolved.  
We always look forward to recieving the gowns, instagram and social media platforms teasing us and you as we await their arrival. Expect the experience of trying these gowns to surpass the imagery as they hit the studio, helping find you the ultimate gown to hit your own personal 'Catwalk' as your family and friends await excitedly with their cameras posed.  
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